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The Brock Report Publications

Brock Report
Market Commentary
Market Edge

Brock Report

The Brock Report, the leading agriculture-focused newsletter that delivers comprehensive and actionable market analysis, insights, and recommendations with multiple updates every market day.

Key market coverage includes:

  • Market reports and fundamentals: Get the latest market data and analysis for crops and livestock, and the factors that affect them.
  • Deep dives and special coverage: Learn more about specific products and segments, and the key events and issues in the industry.
  • Exclusive custom charts and graphs: See and compare data and trends with our clear and interactive visuals, to help you identify opportunities and risks.
  • Marketing Recommendations: Follow our hedging and cash marketing advice, along with education and discussion of various marketing strategies.
  • Flexible and convenient access: Access the Brock Report in your preferred format, online, on your mobile, or in print.

Market Comments

Stay ahead in the agricultural market with Brock Daily Market Comments, offering three timely updates each trading day to enhance your decision-making with Brock Associates’ expertise.

Key market coverage includes:

  • Market Comments: Before 8 a.m. with an overview of overnight price actions and the day’s expectations.
  • Mid-day Comments Before noon, providing updates and recommendations.
  • Closing Comments: After 4:30 p.m., summarizing the day and previewing the next.

Choose your preferred format for these insights, either online at Brock Report’s website with your unique ID and password or directly via email for convenient access.
This approach ensures you’re always informed with clear, concise, and critical market insights to navigate the agricultural markets effectively.

Market Edge

Enhance your market insight with Market Edge’s webinars, led by Richard Brock, offering vital updates and analyses on agricultural market trends directly to your home or office.

Key market coverage includes:

  • Duration: 45-60 minute sessions.
  • Content: USDA reports, crop and grain stocks, planting forecasts, and more.
  • Timeliness: Presented within 24 hours of report releases.
  • Accessibility: Watch repeatedly over two weeks via a link in your email, no special software needed.

Summarize complex market data and anticipate shifts with Brock Associates’ expert analysis, making Market Edge an invaluable resource for staying ahead in the agricultural markets.

Your Trusted Source For Commodity Insights

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With insights trusted by the agricultural community for over 40 years, the Brock Report delivers intelligence in multiple reports and formats throughout the trading day and as market events occur.

Get the report producers and agribusiness professionals trust for timely, accurate, and actionable risk management information and insight into the commodities markets.

Seminars & Education

Educational Seminars to Boost Your Agribusiness Knowledge

Participate in Brock Associates’ on-site and web-based seminars for valuable insights into agricultural business decision-making. Our regional and national market outlook seminars not only present the latest commodity market outlook but also provide a platform to interact with our team, guest speakers, and fellow professionals in the agriculture sector. Enhance your profitability and market understanding with our educational offerings.

Seminars and Education
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What Brock Associates Can Do For You

Ag Consulting

Tailored Consulting Services for Agribusiness Success

Whether you’re an individual or a company seeking personalized guidance, Brock Associates’ Consulting Services cater to your specific needs. With specialized divisions for producers and commercial entities, we offer custom marketing programs for grain and livestock producers and comprehensive services for ag lenders, food processors, grain elevators, and feed manufacturers. Experience bespoke consulting designed to enhance your agribusiness strategy.

Ag Brokerage

Reliable Commodity Brokerage for Ag Market Participants

At Brock Investor Services, we provide dependable commodity brokerage services tailored for farmers, commodity traders, and investors. Your personal broker, equipped with the latest market insights and access to Brock Associates’ research, offers professional, customer-centric services at competitive rates. Enhance your market presence with our expert brokerage support.

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