"Advanced Forecasting Corporation’s Simon Atkins will keep you in the know about planetary weather risks—both from Mother Nature and human-made—that can affect your operation. You will be armed with information so you can better assess and contain the risk and potential impact of future calamities that could unexpectedly affect your bottom line and livelihood."

— Richard Brock

Extreme weather events are increasing. MarketWeatherEdge™ helps you monitor weather risks more effectively.


MarketWeatherEdge™ is an exciting, innovative and interactive local-to-global weather risk program that combines in-depth weather analysis with agricultural commodity market intelligence and strategies. This cutting-edge tool combines important intelligence from:

  • Brock Associates, America’s trusted provider of the resources and solutions to make confident marketing decisions.
  • Advanced Forecasting Corporation, a leader in global weather threat predictions and planetary risk management.


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Dr. Simon Atkins, CEO & co-founder

Advanced Forecasting Corporation

Dr. Atkins leads all MarketWeatherEdge presentations. An atmospheric scientist, a doctor of planetary risk and climate economist, Simon, along with his AFC team, will provide ground-breaking insights, predictions and strategies.



  • Empowers you, helping you understand weather maps, analyze meteorological risks and opportunities at the local to global level, and gain insights beyond those talked about in the news.
  • Informs you about immediate other planetary perils and concerns across the globe as well as factors that can influence your long-range planning.
  • Advise you of anticipated weather-based impacts on the supply and demand of grains, energies, meats and softs for different areas of the world based upon large-scale climate anomalies.

Bottom line: MarketWeatherEdge’s comprehensive weather intelligence will help you make more informed business decisions that can give you a market edge.”​

Online Weather Risk Platform  24/7 videos, interactive forecasts, local to global maps, etc.
Weekly Weather Briefing:  Late-week PowerPoint with audio forecasts summarizing the next two weeks USA to global weather coverage. Up to 15 minutes each Thursday.
Weekly Weather “SWOT” Analysis:  Early Monday in-depth recording detailing short-term to long-range USA to global risks and likely impacts. Up to 30 minutes, with in-depth explanations.
Monthly Live Video Webinars: Live video stream highlighting USA to global weather topics and maps, plus a detailed Q&A with participants. Up to 60 min., Last Monday of each month.
Monthly Weather-Biased Global Commodity Predictions:  Monthly and seasonal commodity forecast charts, plus “Top 10” projection impacts.* Recorded and delivered the last Monday of each month.
Meteorological Advisor: Personalized communication via email to discuss your weather inquiries. Email a question and you’ll receive a prompt response.

*90% of weather-related commodity impacts come from the Top 10% most dramatic weather events.


For more information or to start a subscription to MarketWeatherEdge please call 800-558-3431.

  • One-year subscription as a team (up to 10 email addresses) = $4,500.00
  • One-year subscription as an individual (1 email address only) = $450.00

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  Crossing New Thresholds In Weather®

While Brock Associates and Advanced Forecasting Corporation strive to make the information available via MarketWeatherEdge as timely and accurate as possible, we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of MarketWeatherEdge content and expressly disclaim liability for errors and omissions in the contents provided and for decisions made regarding information provided by us.​