Market News & Headlines >> December soybean exports at 5-Year Low

December U.S. soybean exports declined significant from November and a year earlier, while U.S. corn and wheat exports improved, according to Census Bureau export data released on Wednesday morning.

The Census Bureau pegged December U.S. soybean exports at 177 million bushels, down 35.4% from November exports of 274 million bushels and down 39.6% from 293 million bushels in December 2022.  Soybean exports were the lowest for the month of December in five years.

December U.S. corn exports totaled 189 million bushels, up 34% from 141 million bushels in November and 32.2% from 143 million bushels in December 2022.

December U.S. wheat exports totaled 55 million bushels, up 31% from exports of 42 million bushels in both November and December 2022.