Brock Investor Services

What company does Brock Investor Services clear through?

BIS clears its business through R.J. O'Brien & Associates LLC.

What can Brock Investor Services do for me that other brokerage firms cannot?

If you subscribe to The Brock Report, our brokers can assist you in implementing the specific Brock recommendations in a timely manner. In addition, whether you are a hedger or a trader, our brokers all have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and can give you the support you need to execute your trades and assist you in developing both hedging and trading strategies.

Who owns Brock Investor Services?

Brock Investor Services is owned by Richard Brock.

Does Brock Investor Services serve as a broker only for Brock Associates’ consulting clients or those who subscribe to The Brock Report?

While many BIS clients are Brock Associates’ consulting clients and/or subscribers to The Brock Report, clientele includes a wide variety of commercial and individual—agricultural and non-agricultural—accounts. Whether you’re a producer seeking assistance with your marketing and hedging, or a self-directed trader looking for efficient order execution, we value establishing a long-term relationship with our clients.

Do BIS brokers give “best trade of the day” recommendations?

BIS brokers typically do not furnish “best trade of the day” recommendations. They only provide this information if you specifically request it.

What steps are needed to open an account?

If you are a hedger or trader who will be opening an account as an individual, you can complete the online account forms by clicking here: 

Please notify the broker you have been working with when you have submitted the account forms.

If you will be setting up a corporate account or an account other than an individual account, please contact your broker and he can send the specific forms you’ll need.

What does BIS charge to execute a trade?

BIS handles a wide array of clients, from individual producers who need help with their marketing and implementing Brock strategies to commercial interests who rely on quick and efficient order execution. Your commission rate will reflect the type of business conducted and level of service needed.

For specifics, please call a BIS Broker at 888-351-3291 (Destin, Fla. office) or at 800-426-0923 (Milwaukee, WI).

There is risk of losses as well as profits when trading futures and options contracts.

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