Farm Consulting

Farm Marketing Consulting (FMC)

Farm Marketing Consulting is for the grower and/or landowners who wants and needs the input of an independent third party advisor to help devise a marketing program for his/her unique farm operation. Your consultant’s goal is to guide you in the decision-making process, lessen the stress and emotions of marketing and stay focused on the facts for more successful marketing.

As a client of Brock Associates’ Farm Marketing Consulting program, you will receive The Brock Report, Brock Daily Market Comments and Brock Market Edge and be matched with a consultant and receive your consultant’s personal attention.

Your consultant will. . .

  • Help you develop an individualized marketing plan.
  • Give you an unbiased opinion.
  • Communicate with you on a regular basis and answer your marketing questions.
  • Advise you regarding when and how to take action on your marketing plan.
  • Listen and guide but leave all final decisions to you.

In addition, you will. . .

  • Be given a toll-free number to access your consultant at any time.
  • Receive significant price discounts at Brock Associates’ winter and summer seminars and our Agricultural Economic Symposium.
  • Have access to all Brock Market Edge at no additional cost.

You can learn more about our Farm Marketing Consulting program by clicking on FAQ or call us at 800-558-3431.

Total Marketing Program (TMP)

Our Total Marketing Program (TMP) is designed specifically for the farmer who wants to utilize futures, options, cash, basis and hedge-to-arrive contracts—along with a professional marketing company and personal consultant walking alongside him/her providing information and advice.

Many of our Total Marketing Program clients use this consulting service because:

  • They want to lessen the financial and emotional stress of watching the markets closely and making the final decisions.
  • They don’t have the time needed to follow the markets.
  • While they understand the basics of the markets, they don’t have a full understanding of all fundamental and technical tools—and don’t have the time to gain one.
  • Their strongest interest is the production side of the business and not the marketing side.
  • They are involved in a farming business in which several individuals must agree on marketing decisions and prefer to have an independent third party handle the marketing.

As a TMP client, you receive The Brock Report, Brock Daily Market Comments and Brock Market Edge and will be matched with a personal consultant who will:

  • Work with you on a regular basis to develop strategies specific for your operation.
  • Keep you fully informed of marketing objectives and strategies being implemented.
  • Implement marketing strategies on your behalf in the futures and options markets.
  • Give you specific recommendations for cash sales for you to use in your local cash market.
  • Track your local cash prices and maintain basis charts for your farm.

Four additional benefits: 1) a toll-free number to access your consultant at any time; 2) significant price discounts at most Brock Associates seminars; 3) access to all Brock Market Edge at no additional cost; and 4) discounted brokerage fees if you use Brock Investor Services for your hedge account.

A division of the Brock Associates’ Total Marketing Program tailored specifically for the dairy industry is the Total Dairy Marketing Program (TDMP). This program is for the dairy producer who wants professional, third-party recommendations regarding milk marketing and feed purchasing. As a TDMP client, you receive all of the benefits of a TMP client plus the Brock Dairy Report, a bi-weekly e-newsletter designed to help dairy producers make better marketing/risk management decisions and to keep processors and others associated with the dairy industry well informed.

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