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Farm Consulting

Tailored Consulting Solutions for Growers and Landowners

Enhance Your Farm’s Potential with Customized Marketing Plans and Dedicated Support

Farm Marketing Consulting

Farm Marketing Consulting is for the grower and/or landowner who wants and needs the input of an independent third party advisor to help devise a marketing program for his/her unique farm operation. Your consultant’s goal is to guide you in the decision-making process, lessen the stress and emotions of marketing and stay focused on the facts for more successful marketing. As a client of Brock Associates’ Farm Marketing Consulting program, you will be matched with a consultant who will develop a personalized risk management plan with you, and be there to help you execute it every step of the way. You will also receive all of our research and publications at no cost. 

Your consultant will...

  • Help you develop an individualized marketing plan.
  • Give you an unbiased opinion.
  • Communicate with you on a regular basis and answer your marketing questions.
  • Advise you regarding when and how to take action on your marketing plan.
  • Listen and guide but leave all final decisions to you.

In addition, you will..

  • Be given a toll-free number to access your consultant at any time.
  • Receive significant price discounts at Brock Associates’ winter and summer seminars and our Agricultural Economic Symposium.
  • Have access to all Brock Market Edge, Brock Market Research, and Publications at no additional cost.

Many farmers have chosen to partner with us because:

  • They want to lessen the financial and emotional stress of watching the markets closely and making the final decisions.
  • They don’t have the time needed to closely follow the markets.
  • While they understand the basics of the markets, they don’t have a full understanding of all fundamental and technical tools.
  • Their strongest interest is the production side of the business and not the marketing side.
  • They are involved in a farming business in which several individuals must agree on marketing decisions and prefer to have an independent third party handle the marketing.
  • We work with you on a regular basis to develop strategies specific for your operation.
  • We keep you fully informed of marketing objectives and strategies being implemented.
  • We implement marketing strategies on your behalf in the futures and options markets.
  • We provide you with specific recommendations for cash sales to use in your local market.

Four additional benefits

  1. Direct access to text, call or email your personal marketing consultant at any time.
  2. Significant price discounts at Brock Associates Seminars.
  3. Access to all Brock Market Research and Publications at no additional cost.
  4. Discounted brokerage fees if you use Brock Investor Services for your hedge account.

We offer three convenient programs:

  1. FMC Cash Only – for producers who do not use any futures and options.
  2. FMC Hedgers – for producers who complement their cash marketing with all futures and options tools.
  3. FMC No Margin – for producers who want to complement their cash marketing through the use of no margin option strategies.

Farm Consulting FAQ

Why does Brock Associates have more than one type of consulting service?

At Brock Associates, we recognize that each farm and agricultural producer has unique needs and objectives. To cater to this diversity, we offer three distinct consulting programs:

  1. FMC Cash Only: This service is ideal for producers who prefer to focus solely on cash market strategies without involving futures and options. It’s designed to help you optimize your cash sales and manage your market exposure effectively, while keeping the process straightforward and manageable.
  2. FMC Hedgers: Tailored for producers who wish to enhance their cash marketing strategies with futures and options tools, this program offers a comprehensive approach to risk management. By integrating futures and options, producers can protect against adverse market movements and have all tools at their disposal for managing risk.
  3. FMC No Margin: This option is suited for producers interested in complementing their cash marketing strategies with no margin option strategies. It allows for the use of options to manage risks and seize market opportunities, without the requirement for margin calls, thereby providing a level of financial predictability and security.

By offering these specialized programs, we ensure that every producer can find a consulting service that aligns perfectly with their market approach and financial goals, enabling more personalized and effective market strategy development.

How do I know if your Farm Marketing Consulting program is the right one for me?

This program is ideal for individuals who want one-on-one input, have the confidence and moderate or higher marketing skills along with the self-discipline required to follow timely advice and pull the trigger.

If you have the ability to implement a marketing plan once it is in place, then the Farm Marketing Consulting program is for you.

Do I have to have a large farm to use a Brock Associates consultant?

We work with farms of all sizes, providing personal attention to increase our clients’ marketing success.

Do I have to farm in a certain geographical area of the U.S. to use a Brock Associates consultant?

You can live anywhere and your farm(s) can be located anywhere in the United States. Our consultants work with farmers and livestock producers across the country.

How do I know which consultant to use as my personal consultant?

Each consultant brings something unique to the table while leveraging the collective perspective and experience of the entire team at Brock Associates and Brock Investor Services. Feel free to speak with a couple of consultants or David Brock to determine the best fit for your operation. You can, of course work with another consultant at Brock if you feel the need to change at any time.

How frequently will my consultant communicate with me?

Your consultant wants to support your marketing efforts as best as possible, and the frequency and type of communication is up to you. Some clients want a nudge via text on occasion, others want frequent phone calls and market outlook presentations. This is a working relationship and will develop and change overtime, so let us know how we can support you and your team and we will start there.

What can a commodity marketing consultant do for me that I can’t do for myself?
  1. This is a question we get a lot, and the long and short answer is: we think your marketing results can only improve if we work together.
  2. Commodity marketing is a complex and challenging aspect of farming. It is a profession challenged with extreme volatility, unprecedented risk exposure and a great deal of uncertainty. Your consultant has experience working with many producers over the years and will gain and understanding where your marketing process may be falling short, and where we can bring value to your operation.
  3. Our focus goes beyond trying to outguess the markets, and includes understanding your (and our) marketing biases and tendencies. We will work with you on cash contracts, futures and options, HTAs, basis contracts, storage considerations and more, to make sure you get everything out of the crop that you put everything into.
What does it cost to have a Brock Associates consultant working with me?

Consulting fees vary with the program used. Please give Brock Associates at call at 800-558-3431 so we can learn about your business and marketing needs and direct you toward the best program and consultant for your situation. You never know what this no-pressure, let’s-get-to-know-each-other phone call might do for your bottom line.

Why is grain marketing important?
  1. Consider for a moment how much money, time, and effort you put into producing your crop. Then consider how much money, time and effort you put into marketing the crop, which is the ultimate end goal, getting paid for your tireless labor.
  2. During any given year, volatility in the markets accounts for an increasing proportion of the swings in a farm’s profits. The substantial risk to the operation that this poses needs to be actively managed. With this kind of money on the line, someone must devote the time and energy to understand the fundamental and technical factors affecting the markets and to make important marketing decisions. A Brock Associates consultant can be your “someone.”

Meet our Marketing Consultants who are ready to contribute to your success.

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