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Commercial Ag Consulting

For Commercial Companies

Brock Associates knows the grain markets. This knowledge — plus our connections — is used to help processors, end-users and other businesses improve profitability and competitiveness. We take the time to learn your business and its goals, then create tailored risk management plans that manage ingredient and input costs, help lessen market-driven surprises and boost your bottom line.

Brock Associates and your personal marketing consultant:

  • Deliver insightful market intelligence and timely advice.
  • Provide dynamic, comprehensive commodity margin risk management solutions.
  • Are there for you each and every marketing day.
  • Can offer Commodity Market and General Economic Outlooks to you and your team.

Our consultants currently work hand-in-hand with agribusiness companies:

  • Ag lenders
  • Grain elevators
  • Feed manufacturer and feed users
  • Corn and soybean processors

Commercial Consulting FAQ

How does commercial consulting work?

Brock Associates has been helping processors and other agribusinesses deliver on shareholder expectations of profitabile performance for more than 40 years by developing purchasing strategies specific for their situation. In addition to regular communication, your Brock Associates consultant will meet up to twice a year with company staff to discuss strategies and provide a price outlook. Your dedicated third-party marketing expert will help your business maximize price opportunities.

How do I know which Brock team member will be my personal consultant?

That is your choice, and we are here to help you make it. While each Brock Associates consultant brings something unique to the table, they all take the time necessary to understand your individual needs and goals and they all act with integrity. If you want to discuss this with David Brock he can help you identify the “best match” for you and your team. This person then becomes your unofficial business partner, dedicated to your marketing success.

How frequently will my consultant communicate with me?

Your Brock consultant wants the strongest possible relationship with you, and two-way communication is an integral part of that relationship. As such your consultant will communicate with you on a regular basis and will be readily available when you want or need to talk. Communication can vary from a brief or a long phone call to a text message, an email or a 35- to 45-minute Market Edge presention that covers the latest USDA report and Brock Associates’ insight regarding that report. You determine the amount and frequency of communication—rest assured that your consultant is your marketing partner and cares about your marketing success

What can a commodity marketing consultant do that I can’t do for myself?

Commodity risk management has become a specialized profession amidst extreme volatility and complexity. There are a variety of ways we can support your business goals, but each business has different needs and performance gaps in this area. Our introductory call will try to identify what those might be, and address if and how we can address those gaps, and which team members are best suited to support you. — As a Brock Associates client, you also receive all subscription research and qualify for discounts at regional and national seminars.

What does it cost to have a Brock Associates consultant working with me?

Consulting fees vary with the program used. Please give Brock Associates at call at 800-558-3431 so we can learn about your business and marketing needs and direct you toward the best program and consultant for your situation. You never know what this no-pressure, let’s-get-to-know-each-other phone call might do for your bottom line.

Meet our Marketing Consultants who are ready to contribute to your success.

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