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Excellence in Agricultural Commodity Market Management

For over four decades, Brock Associates has been a leading force in assisting farmers, farm owners, and agribusinesses in navigating opportunities and risks in agricultural commodity markets. Our extensive range of products and services caters to the diverse needs of today’s agricultural community. From self-directed farmers or companies in need of timely market intelligence to those seeking comprehensive marketing management, we offer tailored solutions.

Our Expert Team

At Brock Associates, our seasoned team of professionals keeps you abreast of market dynamics, price trends, and delivers practical risk management solutions. We excel in providing commodity marketing information and solutions for those involved in buying or selling:

Breaking New Ground

Founded in October 1980 by Richard A. Brock, a central Indiana farm native, Brock Associates began its journey with unique expertise. Richard, formerly the chief economist for Top Farmers of America (now ARI Network Services), was the personal commodity consultant to Forrest Mars, founder of Mars Candy. This pioneering consultancy covered various commodities, including managing grain sales for Mars’ land holdings. Our firm was the first to specialize in national-level grain sales and purchases consultancy.

Richard A. Brock

Today, Brock Associates stands as one of the most esteemed agricultural commodity marketing consulting firms in the United States.

Managing grain sales across over 500,000 acres of North American row crop production and overseeing grain purchases for numerous agribusinesses, our client base ranges from 600 to 30,000-plus acre farms, each benefiting from our diverse consulting services

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Products and Services for Your Marketing Success

Brock Associates offers a variety of agricultural market advisory products and services to meet different marketing needs. If you’re looking to manage the risks of your farm or company with the assistance of a dedicated professional commodity marketing team, contact us at 800-558-3431. Let’s discuss the best solutions for your unique requirements.

Brock Insights

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